EXPLOITS 2- Holidays and Recap


Headless Elf here with the first review of September- Heroclix! This is a collectable miniatures game (which means that models are sold in blind boosters usually containing 5 Models and running you about $11) and is played with small warbands on a gridded board. This game first saw release in 2001 with a DC version but was followed up by Marvel because Marvels way cooler. There was also an Indy set containing some pretty cool stuff (Hellboy, Darkness, Witchblade…) but as a dedicated Marvelite the farthest I’ve gone past the X-Men and your friendly neighborhood Is the $10 Witchblade model I have on the shelf. She see’s play once in a while, but Witchblade being my love, I couldn’t pass it up. Speaking of the team building it’s pretty nice and straight forward, a 300 point total suggested (me being a little short of a head, I generally run 800) and simple printed point spats on each models base. This is a quick process, getting you into the game very fast. Layout is quick too; put down the board and deploy behind the first two files. Next comes actually playing. The greatest thing about the ge is the lack of cross-referencing! All the models stats are printed on a turning ring set into their base. When a model is dealt damage the ring is advanced that many Clicks, until the ring eventually comes up KO. The neatest thing is, stats are constantly varying keeping you constantly strategizing. Each category of statistic (move, attack, defense, damage) has a colour code which can be referenced (ok, maybe a little cross-referencing) to the Powers And Abilities card which will describe them in full. For instance Wolverines attack number is red which means he had the ability Blades/Claws/Fangs, letting roll a D6 and dealing that much damage instead of an average 2 Points on a successful attack. So everything works until it comes to the standard rules such as LOS, Moving around obstacles, and engaging enemies in combat. According to WizKids Games god did the laws of physics wrong and they have a better method. I won’t even attempt to explain the confusion set in place by their replacement laws of gravity but have merely rewrote those such rules with a few friends. I will post my personal errata at the end of the review for anyone who plays and wants to play better. All this harsh criticism aside, HeroClix is one of my favorite games, rules changes applied, or not, and makes for a wonderful quick-playing tournament game. Overall, the Elf himself gives this game a solid 4/5. Upcoming on the site, my D&D group is starting back up soon, and I’ll be reviewing Space Hulk: Death Angel. Until then!
Oh, and here’s just some of what we’ve heard out of the upcoming expansion, Web of SpiderMan:

On September 8th… He will return… And with him… A review… Of… HeroClix!

Headless Elf- two quick things. FFG is insane! They just announced a Blood Bowl card game (yet another GW spin-off) and freakin’ Lord of the Rings the LCG! They just came out with Warhamner Invasion in November! And on thy note, Peter Jackson signed on to direct the Hobbit instead of Guillermo delToro. So yeah… That was more like four things…

Headless Elf here- Like for realz! Can you believe?! I’m back in the game? With the more recreational than not summer, I took an unintentional break but with school starting back up I should be able to focus on the blog every now and again. So here’s my plan: 2 solid reviews a month (starting in September), weekly updates following the adventures of the group I DM for, 1 chapter/addendum from my novel-in-progress, and possibly 1 podcast episode if I have time. And that’s just me. I can’t speak for the other two but hopefully they’ll post here and there. Sound good? Good. That’s what we’ll do then. So as far as lame excuses go, I’m representing the rest of the crew as long as I’m here. The Eccentric Gnome was interning at Harvard and then went to Sweden all summer, and the Troll was housing exchange students from Tokyo. I know those are pretty far-fetched stories but if you doubt me, ask them yourself. I dare you to question a Troll… And a Gnome…

Headless Elf here… So it took a while, but we’re finally getting steady views again! Gives me something to work for… Well, I’m in the throes of writing a novel and I have not found it easy. I’m considering posting chapters on the blog in order to get feed back so post a Comment and let me know if you would read. Thanks!


Though I threatened the owners, stuck my double headed great axe in their faces, I learned nothing. Their ┬áminds were oddly blank and their magic case near empty! I’m sorry but I learned nothing, therefor I must resort to checking the Magic Website, one sec . . . yes! The new set is called Rise Of The Eldrazi! It looks totally awesome. For more info check out http://www.wizards.com/magic/tcg/productarticle.aspx?x=mtg/tcg/riseoftheeldrazi/productinfo. http://www.wizards.com/magic is probably the coolest site ever. You play magic, read comics, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about magic. You should totally check it out!

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